Monday, June 16, 2008

Recless Medical Attention To Deliver A Baby

This is one of the incident our family faced on the month of May. My sister-in-law ( my hubby's younger sister), who was about to deliver a baby on or before 12th May. At the starting of 9th month ( 4th April ) she took a scan, where the baby weighed 2.5kg and also the fluid content was above normal, hence she was advised to take rest. And till 12th May she didn't get any pain, so we were advised to admit her in the hospital and the doctor suggested us to wait for 2 more days. They gave her tablets to induce pain and finally she got pain from 13th evening and she was taken into the labor room by 7.30am on 14th May. By 8am the doctor asked her husband to sign in a paper as the delivery was quite critical, that is, the baby has come down from uterus but they were unable to get the baby out. So they suggested the usage of forceps to deliver the baby, because the baby was larger than expected.

Once I was told by my mom that using forceps is quite dangerous for a baby. So I asked the doctor for any other option, for which she suggested operation, so we asked her to go for it. But she said that the baby will suffocate till the arrangements were made for an operation, which will take nearly 45min. So we were left with no choice and her husband signed the documents and they carried on with the forceps.

Finally, my sister-in-law gave birth to a beautiful girl baby, surprisingly she weighed 4.7kg. Later I asked the doctor that whether they were aware of the baby weight, for which she said that they expected the baby to be only 3.8kg (that a responsible doctor shouldn't say...). The very evening we came to know from the doctor that the baby is not moving her right hand who was in the incubator, reason forceps. In the process of delivery the instrument has injured the baby's right shoulder, It seems. Then they took x-ray, this and that and gave her physiotherapy exercise and so on ...

Baby was kept in the incubator for three days. Then her parents were asked to continue with the exercise and in the evening of 18th May the baby was diagnosed jaundice and treatment was undergone for that too.

Both mother and child came home on 21st May. Baby is still under physio exercise. The doctor said 'it will take nearly 2 to 3 month to recover'.

The sad part is that the doctor was unaware of the baby's weight during delivery. We stayed in the hospital for 2 days before delivery, they didn't have the slightest comprehension to take a scan due before delivery. To a layman's knowledge that anywhere during delivery it is mandatory to have pediatrician, who will suggest the way of delivery according to the baby's weight. Whereas in our case, they didn't have a pediatrician on the spot. All came to an end with a silly yet uncompromisable blunder where the baby is suffering from...

This happened in our home town Tuticorin, A.V.M.Hospital by Dr. Bagavathy who is a renowned gynecologist around the town. But for us! I really feel very agonized to say the above incident as we are suffering. We can't place our baby in her cradle (in Tamil said as thotil or thoozhi) and she couldn't lift her hand which she tries to cries on failing to lift. She has no way to express her pain and discomfort other than just cry. This has left us to handle her meticulously while lifting, bathing etc.

My kind advice is, please make it clear, in future never to go for forceps during delivery for any of your family's new member. Even before the delivery, suggest the medical personal to make ease for normal delivery or better to go for a cesarean section. If this forceps have injured the head it may also affect the brain in certain cases. Why to take risk with the little chance that a fragile little baby has? whom we respect as our generation to take the future.

Just give it a thought...

Abrahanna our little baby is undergoing regular physio and electrical treatment procedures for a month or so. We as her parentes and guardians are looking towards a promising positive future.

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